How To Stay Mobile and Connected

Mobility - the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.  When using the word mobility in the context of staying mobile and being connected, we are fortunate to live in times where mobility is part of day to day living. It is presumed that owning a mobile device is standard however, what most people forget is with access to a mobile device, comes access to ‘the cloud’.  Many people ask the question –what is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Who looks after the cloud? How do we access information to and from the cloud? Well, the cloud is best described as - The on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.  We connect to the cloud in different ways, through PCs, iPads, tablets and mobile devices. The best way to put things into perspective is to imagine all your devices, whether they be standalone PCs or mobile devices, have a direct line to the cloud; sending information from one device, through the virtual location of the cloud and back down to the all other connected devices. This amazing virtual pathway allows us to access information from anywhere, at any time.

This amazing virtual pathway allows us to access information from anywhere, at any time

Man using multiple devices at work

Did you realise your mobile device has the option to load all the usual desktop applications directly onto your device in a mobile format? Whether you are using Microsoft, Google or Apple you can access all your day to day productivity apps at your fingertips and connect those apps to cloud storage to access current information. An issue many may encounter is the onslaught of too much information, on too many devices and stored in too many clouds.  I encourage people to simplify that technology and minimise the amount of device applications and storage repositories you have. I find by having one cloud, one mobile phone and one computer you are enabled to connect seamlessly to current information and not feel cluttered in the unknown.

Whether you are using Skype, Zoom Microsoft Teams or any of the mobile specific social media platforms to communicate, you can download dedicated apps to give you instant access and mobility. Generally, I use WhatsApp or Facebook messenger for mobile communication, Zoom for personal desktop interactions via video conferencing and Microsoft Teams for all business requirements. This gives me a clear direction in what to use and in each environment. The beauty of staying connected whilst being mobile gives us the opportunity to be agile when choosing the best option for us.

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March 30, 2020