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The company was born from Cameron Toomey's lived experience of managing business with multiple disabilities within his own family. He is a C5 quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair for 25 years following a fall causing him to become paralysed from the chest down. Cameron has experienced the highs and lows of managing businesses throughout his life and has embraced modern technologies to enable him to remove the physical barriers he encountered in day to day life. Cloud technology has presented an opportunity for those living with disability to work efficiently from home, be connected remotely or work effectively within an office environment.
The recent implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has enabled individuals like Cameron to reach goals that were once unobtainable. Cameron is proud to be an ambassador for the NDIS Connect Initiative working with the Access Review Team (ART) across the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Watch Cameron's story here.

Cameron Toomey

Managing Director
Cameron Toomey
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Our Team

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Cameron Toomey

Managing Director

Cameron believes we all have the opportunity to change our perspective on life and situations, and the more outward we become, the more fulfilled we are. He loves to ride along the river on his hand cycle and enjoys a strong morning coffee

Shelley Evans

Support Coordinator

Shelley is an early riser who enjoys a spin session, followed by a jam packed day and a gin and tonic in the afternoon. As a Mum of three, she has perfected the fine art of work/life balance and is dedicated to making the same possible for her clients

Nicci Toomey

Administration/ Mentor

A wife, Mum and self-confessed coffee addict, Nicci has spent the last 20 years embracing the reality of her not-so-normal family and their multiple disabilities.   Welcoming and managing multiple carers within the family home is her super-power  


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