Be Smart with a Smart Drive

Assistive devices are a game-changer for those of us living with a disability. I have been living as a C6 quadriplegic for 25 years and was keen to obtain a SmartDrive - a detachable wheel that attaches to your wheelchair, and with guidance, will push you over almost any surface.  I completed research for assistive devices that would transform my wheelchair enabling power assistance and decided on the smart drive MX2 with PushTracker quad drive handcycle.  The SmartDrive was developed by Permobil.  They are a leading supplier of premium wheelchair products including the popular TiLite wheelchair.  As a TiLite user I can confidently say that the quality and usability on these chairs are second to none. 

The Smart Drive comprises of two pieces of equipment:

  1. The detachable powered wheel that locks onto the wheelchair frame between the back wheels acting as a third wheel to help with power assist.
  2. Push track wristband or app on a smartwatch is used to control the device. A simple single or double tap enables you to activate the device and stop when needed.

In 2017 the SmartDrive MX2 + launched the PushTracker wristband taking the award-winning power assist to a level never thought possible. Now in 2019 the PushTracker E2 and switch control has been released with an enhanced user experience that allows you to choose how you would like to operate your SmartDrive. SmartDrive will genuinely change your life. 

Whether you are getting around university, work, over the carpet, grass ovals or just doing the shopping, the SmartDrive will do the pushing for you. The SmartDrive works to preserve your upper body and significantly reducing shoulder pain.  The system is funded by almost all disability funding bodies. If you have independence and economic goals detailed in your NDIS plan, you may eligible to access the appropriate funding.

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March 1, 2022


Assistive Technology