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Using Technology To Open Doors
to Digital Independence

We provide advice and recommendations for ''Assistive Technology'' that can transform your home and workplace. Technology supports the user to perform tasks that may otherwise be difficult or complex.
The implementation of assistive devices can improve functionality and facilitate participation within a workplace, a home office or throughout daily life.  

How can we support you?

Removing Barriers

We have 25 years experience navigating business as people living with disabilities,  facing barriers to digital independence.

  • Assessment of current capabilities

  • Product recommendation

  • Product Implementation

  • Digital Transformation

assistive technology

Dynamic & Emerging Technologies

"A tool to assist in the accomplishment of one or more tasks that would be difficult or impossible to complete without the intervention or assistance over time, using only the available resources."

Assistive Technology encompasses a very broad area of need with new and
emerging technologies providing opportunities for individuals living with disabilities.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is a technique in computing technology using specialized software and systems created to identify, distinguish and authenticate the voice of an individual speaker.


Assistive Technologies allow people to engage with a wide range of adaptive and mainstream technologies supporting  individuals living with disability regardless of their barriers.


Modern technologies for individuals living with disabilities creates inclusion and efficiency within the home and workplace.  We provide technical advice in relation to how modern technology can transform lives for those living with accessibility challenges,