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The mentoring team at Insite Support consists of our managing director, Cameron Toomey and his wife Nicci.  Navigating life as a family with multiple disabilities, the pair have overcome many challenges to get to where they are today. From the self-management of three NDIS plans and carers to the launching of their own businesses, every aspect has required the necessary adjustment to focus on ability over disability.  

Each bringing their own experiences to the table, we advise you to pick your mentor based on your desired outcome from these sessions. As a mother and wife to multiple family members with disabilities, Nicci specialises in the support of caregivers, partners and parents looking for guidance in their family or business life. Alternatively, Cameron's personal trauma and 25 year adjustment from elite athlete to C5 quadriplegic, enables him to assess your situation, analysing the best methods and technologies that will equip you with the freedom, confidence and ability to live your fullest life. Having successfully self-managed three individual NDIS plans since its inception, Cameron has a wealth of knowledge in this area and is passionate to support individuals, and their families, on their pathway to independence through their NDIS journey.


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